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A Nice Pork Belly Recipe May Fit The Bill

A Pork belly recipe is a dish made from the cut of the lower side and abdomen of a poor pig. This is the group of thin slices of juicy meat between the bones. It is the part that becomes bacon. Not much isn’t improved by bacon. So it’s a delicious cut of meat and it is prepared in a variety of tasty fashions. Slow cooked, Asian style, braised, or roasted, as examples. No one would miss trying such a recipe.

There are a number of ways to make this juicy meat. Slow cooked would be a fine way to prepare this. Slow cook for a few hours with garlic and rosemary. It isn’t complicated but it is delicious. Another recipe is to slow cook it with potatoes and cabbage. It’s a dish our grandmother used to prepare for the family.

Another way to prepare it is Asian style. Dong Po is a Chinese dish which is also slow cooked but with ginger, nutmeg, anise, onion, black sauce, wine, and chicken stock. Rice is good with it. Then there is a good recipe with salted vegetables, soy sauce, garlic, and tomatoes. Lots of good recipes exist of this in traditionally Asian cuisine.

Braised pork belly is a treat. It drips with flavor. There is even a recipe made with beer. It has onions, garlic, sugar and beer. It’s rich and succulent to taste but easy to make. It should not be missed.

Some prefer to roast theirs. People love the crackling that cooks up. One dish is made with celery, carrots, red onions, garlic, and some spices. There are other possible ways to prepare it.

A pork belly dish would be right for numerous occasions. One obvious occasion is when preparing some family home cooking, especially a holiday meal or for a special occasion. Try instead of ham, to have a tastier alternative for a holiday like Thanksgiving. It is also a fine choice for a Father’s Day celebration or for Dad’s birthday.

There are other times when this cut of meat will be good. It might be served for a quiet dinner with friends or even a big party. It might be great at a work party served with rice or vegetables. Most people love the crackling that appears during the cooking and the juicy meat.

For events with a special theme, like a Hawaiian luau, a pork dish is welcome. If the theme is Asian, one of those tasty recipes on rice would fit the bill. If it’s down home cookin’ that is the theme, people will be satisfied with a slow cook version. This meat can fit with many different themes.

There are many possibilities in a meal with pork belly. There are many terrific recipes. People will be asking for more but each one has its special fans. Some like the saltier versions. Some prefer the taste of the juiciest parts of the meat. Many like the crackling best. Great recipes combine with great occasions to make great events. Let your food help transmit the feeling of celebration or specialness that is needed for the occasion.

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